Senator Dianne Feinstein

"This impressive collaboration between an environmental historian and a nature photographer is a celebration of the San Francisco Bay's natural beauty and environmental value. As a life-long San Franciscan who has a deep admiration for the Bay, I believe residents and visitors alike will enjoy this wonderful introduction to the Bay and will be moved to cherish and protect this California treasure."

– Senator Dianne Feinstein

Leon Panetta

"For those of us born and raised along the California coast, this book confirms again, through the beauty of its photographs, the great natural treasure we have here in San Francisco Bay.”

—Leon E. Panetta, Director of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy

Sunset magazine

"This book is a feast for the eyes and an inspiring call to get to know our Bay better--so that we can better preserve its riches."

– Melvin Lane, former owner of Lane Publishing Company,
publishers of Sunset Magazine and Sunset Books

"The bay is brought beautifully to life through Sanger’s eye for the spectacular vista and the unusual angle, as well as his passionate understanding of the details that make up the whole.”

– George Olson, Director of Photography, Sunset magazine

Save the Bay

"This book, with its comprehensive view of San Francisco Bay, is very timely. It will benefit both newcomers and long time Bay Area residents who appreciate the Bay and who will continue with their constant vigilance the process of saving the Bay."

– Sylvia McLaughlin, co-founder of Save the Bay

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

San Francisco Bay is that special thing called an estuary, a place where the sea enters the land and rivers enter the sea, where freshwater mixes with saltwater, where deep and shallow waters, mud flats and marshes nourish fish, shellfish, harbor seals and millions of migratory shorebirds and waterfowl.

Thirty years ago the bay was in decline, its shorelines polluted and inaccessible, its area shrinking as garbage dumps and landfills encroached on its waters.But since the 1960s, citizen groups and government agencies have been fighting back, with success....

Read all of "San Francisco offers un-urban attractions" in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sep 13, 2003

San Francisco Chronicle

In 1960, San Francisco Bay was a polluted cesspool. The bay's cities and counties had a solution: Why not fill it in, and sell off bay-fill lots? Why did Sausalito need polluted Richardson Bay and its mudflats? Why not "Richardson Bay Estates," built on garbage landfill? A courageous group of women stopped these plans in their tracks. And then they decided to restore the entire bay ecosystem; in other words, fix the huge San Francisco estuary that includes the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, an area reaching from San Francisco Bay proper to 90 miles into the heart of the Central Valley.

Forty years later, John Hart, writer, and David Sanger, photographer, in "San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary," ask how well the project is going....."

Healing the Bay –– Writer and photographer assess the progress of restoration of the San Francisco Estuary by John Jay Osborn Jr.

Read the whole review in San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 12, 2003


"Co-sponsored by the Audubon Society's San Francisco Bay Restoration Program and the Bay Institute of San Francisco, this coffee-table-format book is a lavishly produced text-and-photos portrait of the Bay. John Hart, a poet and environmental writer perhaps best known for Storm Over Mono, sketches the geological, natural, and human history of the Bay-Delta system and what's being done to conserve and restore it. Sanger contributes some stunning images. His work occupies a middle ground between the Eliot Porter pristine-nature school, with the offending works of man carefully cropped out, and Richard Misrach's tours of anthropogenic badlands. Along with intimate views of rails, terns, and egrets, we have silhouettes of Oakland's giant container cranes and the belching smokestacks of oil refineries on the Carquinez Strait......."

The Brackish Deep – review by Joe Eaton

Read the complete review in Faultline, California's, Environmental Magazine.

Nature Conservancy

"John Hart and David Sanger bring us a deft blend of very readable history, accessible science, and alluring photography. More importantly, they remind us that an engaged citizenry truly can make a difference in preserving the Earth's ecological bounty."

– Steven J. McCormick, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy

Harold Gilliam

"Although I have been well acquainted with the bay for many years, I have discovered revealing new information about it on almost every page."

– Harold Gilliam, environmental commentator, author of Weather of the San Francisco Bay Region