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In 1960, San Francisco Bay was a polluted cesspool. The bay's cities and counties had a solution: Why not fill it in, and sell off bay-fill lots? Why did Sausalito need polluted Richardson Bay and its mudflats? Why not "Richardson Bay Estates," built on garbage landfill? A courageous group of women stopped these plans in their tracks. And then they decided to restore the entire bay ecosystem; in other words, fix the huge San Francisco estuary that includes the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, an area reaching from San Francisco Bay proper to 90 miles into the heart of the Central Valley.

Forty years later, John Hart, writer, and David Sanger, photographer, in "San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary," ask how well the project is going....."

Healing the Bay –– Writer and photographer assess the progress of restoration of the San Francisco Estuary by John Jay Osborn Jr.

Read the whole review in San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 12, 2003

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